​South Coast C​orrectional Centre upgrade

The South Coast Correctional Centre at Nowra has been selected for expansion as part of the NSW Government’s $3.8 billion Prison Bed Capacity Program. 

The expansion will see the following additions and alterations:

  • 160 maximum-security beds
  • 200 minimum-security beds
  • Conversion of an existing 200 minimum-security beds to medium-security
  • Refurbishment and extensions to existing buildings, including visits area, clinic, AVL suites, car park and reception area
  • New industries building, High Intensity Program Unit (HIPU) and staff amenities building.


Construction worker pictogram

Construction update

Most work takes place between 7am–6pm Monday to Friday and 8am–4pm on Saturdays. From time to time, work may need to continue later due to circumstances beyond our control. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Construction vehicles access the site via Central Avenue and Oxford Street. Please take care when walking or driving near construction sites.