​Parklea Correctional Centre

On Monday 27 November, 2017 the new Parklea Minimum Expansion was officially opened.

The 150-bed minimum-security Parklea Correctional Centre Area 4 is part of the NSW Government's $3.8 billion prison infrastructure program to address the state's rising prison population.

The expansion includes three 50-bed accommodation buildings, visits building, support services building, shade structures, playing fields and landscaping.

This infrastructure adds to CSNSW's capacity to accommodate inmates in the Sydney metropolitan area. It also supports an external leave program to re-integrate offenders in custody back into the community through work and educational opportunities.

Parklea has been specifically chosen to allow inmates to be close to their families and to cut down travel times to the major Sydney courts.

These new beds will help alleviate the state-wide pressures and help meet NSW Government's goal to reduce reoffending.

The Government will continue to invest in prison bed capacity at Parklea Correctional Centre, where an additional 500 maximum-security beds will be built by 2019.

Project Details

REF and associated reports:

There are 3 stages in the current Review of Environmental Factors (REF) process for the Parklea Correctional Centre. Stages 1 & 2 were completed by Public Works in July 2016 and Stage 3 in December 2016.

Copies of the REF are available by emailing newprisons@justice.nsw.gov.au or phoning our Stakeholder Engagement Team from Monday to Friday between 8am to 5pm on 1800 875 345.