​Kembla Grange

Corrective Services NSW has begun preliminary investigations to determine whether a Kembla Grange site would be a suitable location for a correctional facility.

At this point no decision has been made. We will be consulting with stakeholders, including land owners and the local community, to thoroughly investigate the proposal.

Four community consultation sessions were held in late June.

One of the key priorities for the NSW Government when assessing suitable locations is to find solutions that are beneficial for both the broader community, in this case the Illawarra, as well as the needs of CSNSW.

The site is bounded by the Princes Highway, West Dapto Road and Darkes Road, Kembla Grange.

We pride ourselves on being a good neighbour and employer across the state, and have been operating at the South Coast Correctional Centre in the Shoalhaven since 2010.

One of the major benefits of new infrastructure for the Illawarra region would be the creation of jobs. New correctional facilities can create hundreds of new jobs both during construction and when complete.

There are also other positive economic benefits, such as the flow-on effects these extra wages have for the community by supporting local businesses, community organisations and families.

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