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Learn how our essential services will continue to operate as we respond 'Together against COVID-19'.

​Family and friends video visits

Correctives Services NSW has temporarily suspended in person visits to minimise the risk of transmitting the COVID-19 virus. The Department recognises the importance of maintaining a connection between people in custody and their loved ones, and is piloting video visits. 

How to request a video visit with an offender in custody

Family and friends are asked to call the relevant correctional centre where the inmate is located to make a request to schedule a video call. The Centre staff will ask you for your name, VIN, the MIN of the inmate you wish to contact. You will also be asked to provide you email address and mobile phone number so that you can receive notifications about your video visit.  

If you are not sure which correctional centre the inmate is located in, first call Sentence Administration on (02) 8346 1000 between 8:30am-4:30pm Monday - Friday.

Phone numbers for correctional centres can be found here

What are the rules for video visits with an inmate in custody?

Existing visits policy applies to video visits and must be adhered to as per the Custodial Operations Policy and Procedures 10.1 Visits to inmates by family and friends.

In addition, the below rules that must be followed in order to have a video visit with an inmate are listed below. If the family, friend or inmate breach any of these rules the call may be terminated. Further, if necessary visitors can be banned from video-calls under clause 108 of the Crimes (Adminstration of Sentences) Act.

  • To confirm your identity visits staff may require the attendee to remove any face covering. Refer to COPP section 10.1 Visits to inmates by family and friends at subsection [2.6] Removal of face-covering.
  • In the case of FVC approved for EHRR and NSI inmates, rules as stipulated COPP section 3.5 HS, EHS, EHRR, NSI, AA and CAT 5 sections 17.5.3, 17.6.8 and 23.3.11 will apply.
  • To confirm your identity visits staff will ask each adult attendee booked and on screen to show to the camera a valid form of photographic ID as listed in COPP section 10.1 Visits to inmates by family and friends at subsection [2.1] Initial identification requirements.
  • All famliy and friend video visits are subject to monitoring by the Officer in Charge (OIC) of visits.
  • At no time is any attendee in the visit allowed to use a 3rd party device (a device not used to connect to the video visit such as Tablets, mobile phones, laptops) to display or show anything to the inmate or to connect them via phone call to a person not listed in the video visit booking.
  • Once the video visit has started, no one else can connect via a separate device.
  • No person who has not been approved as part of the original booking request is to appear on screen or communicate with the inmate. If an attendee is not listed on the booking the video visit can be cancelled by staff.
  • Video recording visits/capturing screen shots by visitors is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply will result in the visit being immediately terminated. 
  • Attendees must maintain a minimum standard of dress, no nudity or partial nudity.
  • Attendees and inmates must maintain an acceptable standard of behaviour. Aggressive, obscene or sexual behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Once seated the inmate must not touch the tablet for any reason. Visits officers will inform attendees and inmates of this prior to the start of the video visit and failure to comply may result in the video call being terminated.
  • Staff may terminate the video visit if any unacceptable behaviour occurs by either the inmate or the attendees, such as sexual nature, verbal abuse or threats or any other reason listed above.

How can I check that my video visit has been scheduled?

Once you have called the correctional centre to request a video visit, they will confirm whether or not your request has been approved.

If approved, you will receive an emails from JUST Connect which will confirm the details of the video visit including who it is with (the inmate), when it will be held, the visitors that are approved to attend the video visit, and the number or link that you will use to make the call - please continue reading to see how to use this number or link.

What software will I use to make the video visit from home?

The email that you receive from JUST Connect will provide you with either a 10 digit number or a link. 

If you are provided with a 10 digit number, please refer to the Zoom User Guide for Family and Friends.pdf

If you are provided with a link, please refer to the relevant the Jabber Guest Guide for Family and Friends.pdf 

Can I cancel my video visit?

You can cancel your video visit by logging into JUST Connect, finding the relevant video call and clicking Cancel Visit. You will be required to provide a reason. Refer to the JUST Connect Guide for Families for more information. 

Why did I need to provide a mobile number?

The day of your video visit you will receive a SMS reminder from JUST Connect. 

JUST Connect Self Service Support (Cooma Correctional Centre ONLY)

We are trailing a self-service online booking system for video visits. Cooma Correctional Centre is our pilot site, once it is available at other locations we will let you know. More information about our self-service online booking system (Cooma Correctional Centre only).