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Victims support

The Restorative Justice Unit works with victims of crime, offenders and the community for reconciliation and healing.

The unit is the primary point of contact at CSNSW for people who are victims of crime. It provides after-sentence statewide services which address unmet needs and legislated rights of victims of crime.

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Restorative Justice Unit


Parr​amatta Justice Precinct

Level 5, 160 Marsden Street

Parramatta, NSW 2150​

Tel:  02 8688 6833 
Fax: 02 8688 9624

About Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice brings together those with a stake in a specific offence in order to collectively identify and address harms, needs and obligations, and heal and put things as right as possible. Restorative Justice puts the people most affected by crime, the victims, at the centre of the process.

The Restorative Justice Unit facilitates a range of restorative processes, specialising in victim-offender conferences. In a victim-offender conference the victims of crime and the offender talk about what happened, how people have been affected and what can be done to make things better.

Victim-offender conferences take place after an adult offender is sentenced and in relation a wide range of offences. A victim-offender conference will only take place if the offender accepts responsibility for the offence, and both the victims of crime and the offender agree to take part. Victim-offender conferences are safe, private and run by trained facilitators and will only go ahead once everyone is ready and well supported.

Participating in a process focussed on their needs, people who are victims of crime can empower themselves and move forward: having a voice, asking questions, expressing how they have been affected, holding the offender accountable and having a say on how the harm can be repaired.

For more information, please contact us - 02 8688 6833. A victim-offender conference facilitator can answer your questions, send you a DVD or visit to talk to you further about Restorative Justice.

Victims Register

The Victims Rights and Support Act 2013 protects and promotes the rights of crime victims. The Charter of Victims Rights states how victims of crime should be treated and assisted.

CSNSW maintains a register for victims of adult offenders currently sentenced for the offence of which they were the victim. The Victims Register is managed in line with the Charter and can provide information and support to people who are eligible to register.

Registered victims are advised of the proposed release date and will be informed if the offender escapes from custody. Sometimes offenders are eligible to apply for unescorted leave or parole. Registered victim will be advised of this which gives them the chance to decide whether they want to make a written submission.

Please link to the following documents to find out more about the Victims Register:

For more information, please contact the Victims Register on 02 8346 1374. Team members can answer questions, discuss the Register and can talk about the type of information that an individual may receive

Other resources for victims of crime

Victims Services' provides assistance to victims of crime in NSW in accessing services, information and support. Victims Services also handles complaints under the Charter of Victims Rights. You can find out more by looking at the Victims Services and Support website or contact them on 1800 633 063 / 02 8688 5511 or​.

You may also wish to contact one of the following groups for advice, information and support about the Victims Register, Victim-offender conferences or the needs and rights of crime victims: