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Community engagement

Community engagement is extremely important to Corrective Services. Almost all our operations touch the community at some level: with correctional centres boosting local employment; community reparation providing unpaid work; partnerships with remote communities maximising the use of resources in these areas; and the Funded Partnership Initiative assisting the integration of released offenders.

Correctional Centres

Corrective Services undertakes major community consultation before building a new correctional centre. Our early dialogue with commercial and residential groups and individuals allows communities to 'own' the development project and appreciate its benefits.

Each correctional centre in NSW has a Community Consultative Committee. Corrective Services is committed to maintaining Correctional Centre Community Consultative Committees, and developing cross government and community agency partnerships to build mutually beneficial alliances with local communities.

The Correctional Centre Community Consultative Committees aim to

  • assist in the development and maintenance of a positive relationship with the local community;
  • provide a forum for local community consultation and comment on correctional programs and procedures;
  • facilitate the involvement of the local community in correctional centres programs;
  • provide a mechanism to identify appropriate programs in which the correctional centre can participate and assist in the local community; and
  • assist in the establishment of worthwhile community partnerships.

Reparation to the community

Performing community service plays an important part in reconnecting offenders with the community and giving them a sense of self-worth. Corrective Services runs Mobile Outreach Camps for minimum security inmates, contributing towards the cost of their incarceration. In addition, offenders sentenced to Community Service Orders perform over $12 million worth of unpaid community work annually.

Partnerships with remote communities

In rural and regional NSW, Corrective Services developed strategic relationships across the community to meet the employment and accommodation needs of offenders being released from custody. This collaboration maximises the use of limited resources in an isolated rural area. For example, Dillwynia Correctional Centre developed community partnerships to assist with the needs of women released from custody. In Broken Hill, custodial and community services have extensive joint activities with Centrelink, Wesley United and other local agencies.

Funding Partnerships Initiative

CSNSW’s Funded Partnerships Initiative (FPI) provides funding to not for profit, non-government organisations to deliver a range of services that support CSNSW in three main areas:

  • Transitional Support services
  • Offenders’ Children and Family services, and
  • Victim Support

The FPI builds on the previous Community Funding Program (CFP), particularly regarding the increased investment in the area of transitional support services.

The funding commenced on 1 September 2014.