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Legal Info Portal​

CSNSW currently provides legal information and library material to prisoners via a website hosted within their secure internal network (Offender Network). The information in the Legal Info Portal is available to CSNSW staff and legal practitioners via the CSNSW website. However due to the internet website rules, although the information is the same the "look and feel" of the site is different. Some links in this site will lead to the real websites, whereas the Offender Network version of the site leads to a copy of the website (e.g. Legal Aid Website)

Click here to see an image of the front page of the Offender Network version of the website.

Finding information on

Police and Courts

Arrest and bail

Going to court

Defending yourself

Sentencing & parole

and more ...​

Family Law

Access to kids

Care & protection of children

Separation & divorce

Property division

and more ...

Money Matters

Child support

Debt & bankruptcy

Fines and the SDRO

Victims support levy

and more ...

Legal Systems

Australia legal system

How courts work

Prisoners & COPP

You & your lawyer

and more ...

Wills & Guardianship



Wills & inheritance

and more ...

Visa, Deportation & Transfers

Interstate & International transfer

Visa cancellation & deportation

and more ...

Driving & Traffic

Drink & drug driving​

Drive whilst disqualified

Driver licences & points system

and more ...

Violence & the Law


Domestic violence

Sexual assault

Victims support

and more ...

Other Legal Problems

Alcohol & other drugs

Employment & criminal records


Social security & Centrelink

and more ...