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​Law Libraries

Find Legal Answers Toolkit List - Books in your Correctional Centre Library

All Correctional Centre Libraries should have these plain language legal resources. These books are also held in all public libraries through NSW.

Hot Topics - Magazines in your Correctional Centre Library

Hot Topics is a plain language series about recent changes and current debates in the law. Written by legal experts, all issues include case studies and sources of further information. These should be available in your Correctional Centre Libraries and in your local public library. Some of these titles have been included in this portal.

Law Books for Libraries List - Core
Law Books for Libraries List - Recommended

The books on this list are held in the Ron Woodham Library (MRRC). If you think they should also be held in your Correctional Centre library please ask your CEO or SCEO to order them. These books are also held in many public libraries throughout NSW.

Library@CSNSW Correctional Centre Libraries: A How to Guide

Libraries are available in each Correctional Centre that cater to the informational needs of the inmates. This document outlines how the library system works and is available for both staff and inmates to consult.

Ron Woodham Library (MRRC) - Information Request Form

The collection includes legal research, informational and recreational materials for correctional centre inmates and staff. The library provides legal information to inmates in all Correctional Centres in NSW. All requests for information should be sent to the MRRC Library using the MRRC Library Information Request Form - External.

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