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Wildlife Centre


The Corrective Services NSW Wildlife Care Centre, at the John Morony Correctional Complex, in Windsor, is the largest of its kind in NSW.

Here, minimum-security male offenders work to protect and conserve the unique and precious Australian wildlife.

There are around 250 animals accommodated at the centre at any one time, with quality, temporary care provided to wildlife that may have been abandoned, distressed, involved in a seizure, attacked by other animals or suffered other injuries.

Offenders participate in formal training courses provided by TAFE NSW, with the opportunity to gain a Certificate II in Animal Care.

Each offender takes care of a particular animal enclosure such as the reptiles or the birds, which teaches them to take responsibility through ownership

The skills and the practical experience gained will help them obtain employment in animal care-related fields once released from custody.

The diversity of the animals is such that it also allows TAFE NSW students to receive practical training, separate to the offenders, as part of their Captive Animals Certificate III or IV.