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Are CSNSW Psychology Files confidential?

Psychologists in CSNSW keep records of all of their assessments, interventions and consultations. All psychologists maintain their records in accordance with CSNSW Corporate Records Management Policy and associated policies and procedures, with due regard to the Code of Ethics adopted by the Psychology Board of Australia, including those related to limitations on confidentiality.

Most psychologists' records are kept in the Offender Integrated Management System (OIMS) database and general case management file that is accessible by all staff of Corrective Services NSW. These records provide information and advice to other staff about management strategies specific to people's assessed needs. Records that are more confidential are kept only on a Psychology File that is only accessible by Corrective Services NSW Psychologists and their administrative assistants. These records inform the advice provided by psychologists in CSNSW.

It is important that all psychologists and the people to whom they provide a service know and understand the limits of confidentiality in CSNSW. This includes knowledge of how Psychology Files might be released within and outside CSNSW: