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To promote health, safety and well-being - our duty of care

  • Provide access to basic human rights of health, education (including libraries) and religious, spiritual and pastoral services, particularly for inmates in custody
  • Assistance to integrate and adjust to custody or supervision whilst remaining engaged with community
  • Critical incident support services following traumatic incidents that occur whilst offenders are in custody
  • Assistance and preventive strategies for offenders identified as 'at risk' of suicide and /or self harm
  • Assistance for offenders with cognitive, physical and sensory disabilities including frail aged
  • Assistance to offenders identified as having a mental health impairment to ensure their well-being
  • Assistance to offenders with challenging behaviours who pose a security threat to others to promote their safety and the safety of others
  • Maintenance and improvement of health, fitness and well being for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle through provision of sports, hobby and recreational activities, particularly for inmates in custody
  • Prevention of drug related harm through environmental strategies, health information and education programs, and workforce development strategies