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How do we make the case plan?

The case plan is a goal-oriented pathway from the beginning to the end of the sentence. It provides activities and interventions that aim to increase the likelihood that a person will lead a life without harming others or themselves.

The case plan considers the sentencing court's comments in relation to the offender and starts with an assessment based on a model called the "Risk-Needs-Responsivity" model:

  1. Risk: we assess how likely it is that a person will re-offend and we target the people who have the highest risk scores
  2. Needs: we assess which areas of a person's life are associated with their offending (this includes things like education, employment, drug and alcohol use, peer group influence and beliefs)
  3. Responsivity: this is the term for all the individual characteristics and circumstances that affect how a person responds to, and benefits from, services and programs.

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