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How do we choose the group programs we use?

There is strong research evidence that demonstrates how appropriate behaviour change programs can significantly reduce re-offending. CSNSW delivers a range of criminogenic programs to offenders in both custodial and community settings to address the attitudes and behaviours that lead to offending. Criminogenic programs are designed to assist offenders to understand the factors that led them to offend (risk factors or criminogenic needs) and acquire the skills that enable them to reduce or manage their risk of re-offending. 

CSNSW also provides well-being programs to offenders. Well-being programs do not directly address factors that are empirically linked to a reduction in offending behaviour. Rather, they holistically target those responsivity factors that can get in the way of an offender's ability to engage in a program that targets criminogenic factors. They may also provide skills that assist with reintegration.

Information about all of the offender programs that are delivered by CSNSW can be found in the CSNSW Compendium of Offender Behaviour Change Programs.

All CSNSW programs are developed and delivered according to a set of standards that are detailed in the following document: CSNSW Offender Program and Facilitation Standards. The standards require that all programs delivered:

  • are based on robust research evidence;
  • are based on valid theoretical models of motivational or behaviour change;
  • address criminogenic needs;
  • are matched to the level of risk of re-offending;
  • are demonstrated to be effective and do not cause harm; and
  • stipulate the re-requisite facilitator training and skill requirements.