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​Inmate Device eBrief Scheme

The inmate device application program is being developed (early 2017) with a limited supply of devices. The process involves submitting an application for consideration through this website. An application for an eBrief device can only be made by a legal practitioner instructed by the inmate in their current criminal proceedings. 

Applications are put before the board on the last Friday of every month. Results are then published on the website. 

Please consider that the devices supplied for eBriefs have no capacity for Internet browsing, file editing or generation. They have been secured to only allow the viewing of the media supplied within the eBrief.

StageAdditional Information
Step 1: Submit Application
  • Provide your name and contact details
  • Provide inmate information including MIN and H number
  • Outline media type contained within the eBrief
  • Estimate the file size of the total eBrief
Step 2: Review
  • Applications are reviewed on the last Friday of each month
  • Applications are prioritised
  • Applications are reviewed by the Board
  • Only inmates with current criminal proceedings are eligible to recommended for  a device within  the eBrief scheme
  • Inmates without legal representation are required to complete a hardcopy application form at their correctional centre.[RB1] 

Once applications have been received you should receive an email from Corrective Services. This will contain your application number.

Step 3: Results Published
  • All successful applications are Published on this website
  • Applications are identified using applications numbers provided in the email that is sent at the time of submission.

If application successful


  • Successful applicants are notified by email.
  • eBriefs will be received from ODPP
  • eBriefs will be loaded onto the inmates device by selected members from Corrective Services

If application not successful

  • If your application is not successful for this particular inmate, You are welcome to reapply.