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Personality & Behavioural Disorders Services

Personality & Behavioural Disorders Services (PBDS) is a mobile multidisciplinary team which provides assistance to correctional centre staff in the management of inmates with problematic institutional behaviour. This allows the management and behavioural stabilisation within the inmate's current location, as well as whole of sentence pathway planning and monitoring.

The PBDS also provides assessment and intervention services for inmates with severe personality and behavioural disorders when prior management attempts have been unsuccessful. The PBDS recognises institutional behaviour as a responsivity and safety and security issue.

The PBDS amiss to reduce the severity and frequency of problematic institutional behaviour and reduce the need for placement in specialised units or restrictive housing conditions.

It provides an integrated approach to the management of high risk, high needs offenders in order to facilitate access to criminogenic treatment services and safe community reintegration.

The PBDS is a capacity building service providing consultation, supervision and training to correctional centre staff and CSNSW management regarding the assessment, management and intervention/s for inmates with problematic behaviour. It also provides multiagency community reintegration planning and follow-up for inmates who have been jointly managed under the PBDS while in custody.

The PBDS is a small team, managed by a Senior Psychologist and consisting of an Executive Correctional Officer, a Behaviour Management Specialist and Psychologists.