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Institutional Violence Intervention Unit​

The Institutionalised Violence Intervention Unit (IVIU) is a specialised 22-bed unit within Lithgow maximum security correctional centre. The IVIU is the high security treatment location under the Extreme Threat Inmate policy. The unit was established to address the treatment needs of individuals who have shown a propensity to cause disruption to the discipline or security and good order of Correctional Centres due to severe and/or chronic institutional violence. Placement decisions for the IVIU are made by the ETIMC following categorisation as an ETI, with the main indicator being institutional violence. The ETIMC also monitors individual progress of the IVIU inmates and endorses reintegration plans prior to inmates reintegrating back into the mainstream population. IVIU inmates who have progressed back to the mainstream population continue to be monitored by the ETIMC as per the ETI policy.  The OS&P staffing profile for the unit includes a Senior Psychologist, a Psychologist and a Services and Programs Officer. ​