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High Risk Management Correctional Centre

The High Risk Management Correctional Centre (HRMCC) is a 75 bed (In Area 1) and upto 36 beds in Area 2,  purpose built maximum security facility located in the Goulburn Correctional Complex. It is designed to accommodate male inmates who have been found to be an extreme high risk to the good order, safety and security of other correctional centres, serious threat of escape, detained under national security provisions, or are considered high public profile.  

The two Areas enable staged transition and reintegration preparation through individual and group-based intervention and activities within a secure facility. The introduction of HRMCC Area 2 provides an avenue for security-informed reintegration of offenders whose risk requires long term separation and management within restrictive environments.

Regular multidisciplinary reviews of inmate behaviour  and risk within the centre are used to determine their progress through the three stages of the Behaviour Management Program. Psychology, education, counselling and welfare support services are provided.  The HRMCC is an integral part of CSNSW and provides linkages to behaviour management and offence related programs in other locations.