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​Education, training and employment

CSNSW provides inmates with work, education and vocational training opportunities to support their pathway to employment and further education in the community.

Education programs and services offered to inmates help them address their barriers to education and in many instances gain nationally recognised qualifications.

Education and training are provided to inmates based on their vocational and core skills assessments. These assessed needs area factor in their case plans.

Inmates can participate in part-time basic education classes which are offered at all correctional centres. Inmates studying part-time also engage in employment with the Corrective Services Industries (CSI).

A number of centres also offer full-time intensive education programs.

While in custody, some inmates work for CSI’s commercial business units and service industries. This work helps improve their general employability skills and helps them successfully re-integrate into the community.

A workplace health and safety course is delivered to inmates to support a safe working environment. Vocational training in industry-specific skills is available to inmates working for CSI. Those working in a range of industries, who meet the eligibility criteria, can do a traineeship or apprenticeship.