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Double commendation

Rob Osborne with the Commissioner

Rob Osborne with the Commissioner

What do a video producer and an overseer have in common? Both have been awarded for their outstanding work with offenders.

In May Commissioner Peter Severin presented Commendations to Robert Osborne, the Manager of the Audio Visual Production Unit, and Overseer Anthony Shore from Mannus Correctional Centre.

Rob and Anthony were invited to a morning tea with the Commissioner, Assistant Commissioners Luke Grant and Dr Anne Marie Martin, CSI Executive Director Steve Thorpe, and Mac La'Ulu from the Offender Case Management and Classification Branch.

The Audio Visual Production Unit team, who also attended, proudly watched their manager receive his Commissioner's Commendation. During the awards presentation, the Commissioner announced that Rob was retiring and thanked him for his 13 years of service. He praised Rob for leading the Unit for the past seven years with 'vision through periods of immense technological and organisational change'.

He mentioned some of Rob's career highlights which included pioneering e-learning and developing the multi-screen in-house TV network in some prisons across the state. 'This initiative was a first for Australia and made CSNSW a world leader in correctional communications' Mr Severin said. 'Rob produced a diverse range of multimedia resources for inmates and improved the delivery of vital information to inmates, particularly those with low literacy skills and from culturally diverse backgrounds.'

Rob championed innovative approaches to literacy through the Story Time project. 'He produced high quality products through his innovative use of modern technology. He made a very important contribution to the suite of education programs.'

Steve Thorpe and Anthony Shore 
Steve Thorpe and Anthony Shore

Assistant Commissioner Luke Grant, who has been a big supporter of the Unit, said that Rob 'took it to a new level'. 'Rob constructively engaged with inmates in a creative world and got them to positively contribute something back,' Mr Grant said.

Overseer Anthony Shore received an Assistant Commissioner's Commendation for his 'outstanding work and devotion to duty' as the Manager of the Timber Processing Unit at Mannus Correctional Centre.

Anthony has forged strong partnerships with local businesses, in particular the town's major sawmill company Hyne and Sons. He oversees up to 40 inmates who are trained in developing sawmill seconds into first grade product that is sold nationally or exported.

'Anthony's been pivotal in developing inmate traineeships in timber processing with TAFE NSW and AEVTI,' the Commissioner said. 'He's a terrific role model for inmates and has gained their respect and appreciation for what he does. He has successfully developed a real life work program that provides inmates with assistance in gaining and retaining employment on their release.'

Mac La'Ulu, Steve Thorpe, Assistant Commissioners Luke Grant and Dr Anne Marie Martin celebrating Rob Osborne's Commendation 
Mac La'Ulu, Steve Thorpe, Assistant Commissioners Luke Grant and Dr Anne Marie Martin celebrating Rob Osborne's Commendation

The Commissioner highlighted how Anthony has established a landmark business unit. 'He built it up from just eight inmates who produced $30,000 worth of revenue a year, to employing up to 40 inmates with a projected revenue stream close to $500,000,' the Commissioner said.

'Centre management and CSI staff are impressed with Anthony's enthusiasm and ability to lead a team, and get things done with no fuss. He's giving inmates the opportunity to gain work skills while contributing to the local community and economy.'