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Mannus Correctional Centre is a minimum security facility for male offenders. The centre is 515km south of Sydney, 115km south-east of Wagga Wagga and approximately 10 km from the town of Tumbarumba.


Street and postal address:

3506 Jingellic Road Mannus NSW 2653

Phone: 02 6941 0333

Fax: 02 6948 5291

How to get there

Public Transport

The nearest railway station is at Wagga Wagga. For information regarding train and bus times contact Countrylink. Countrylink Information

Private Transport

From Sydney take the Hume Highway until the turn off to Tumut. Travel to Tumut, Batlow, then Tumbarumba. Mannus Correctional Centre is 10km from Tumbarumba, on the Jingellic Road (also known as Linden Roth Drive).

From Melbourne take the Hume Highway to Holbrook. Approximately 20km past Holbrook, turn right into Little Billabong Road then right into Wagga Road. Travel for approximately 40km to Tumbarumba.

Parking is available within easy walking distance of the Centre.

​Visitor Information


All visits are required to be booked. Bookings can only be made on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between

  • 10am - 2pm

preceding the weekend of the intended visit.

General visit and booking enquiries can be made Monday to Friday: (02) 6941 0333.

Before travelling for a visit, please call the correctional centre to confirm visit and visiting time.

Visit times

Saturday and Sunday

  • 9:00am - 2:30pm


You may take in picnic foods and a small amount of money in coins and small denomination notes for the canteen and vending machines. Please see below for a list of approved picnic food items. If you are unsure if a food item is permitted contact the Centre. 

Approved Food Items

The following food items are approved for visitors to bring into the Correctional Centre for consumption at the visiting section:-

Bread or bread rolls1 loaf of bread OR 
1 packet of bread rolls OR 
1 packet of flat bread including Turkish or Lebanese Bread.
Margarine 1 tub of margarine.
Eggs 1 dozen.
$20.00 Meat trayMeat tray may only contain sausages, chops, bacon, steak and rissoles.
No marinated meat permitted.
No seafood.
All meat brought into the Centre must be consumed during the visit.
BBQ chickenCut into pieces.
Salad(no extra dressing)1 type of any salad.
Sauce Tomato OR BBQ sauce. 
Only 1 permitted.
Onions Cut up for use with meat on BBQ.
CheeseSuitable for sandwiches, rolls salads.


Salt and pepper is NOT permitted.

All food must be placed in a clear plastic container (tub) for ease of searching prior to entering the visits area. 

Plastic plates, knives, forks, spoons and cups are allowed (in a clear container). We do not provide cutlery, cups or plates. 

Coffee, tea, milk, sweetener, BBQ tools and BBQ are provided.

A kitchenette with sink, hot water, microwave and fridge is provided.

Inmates are not permitted to take food back into the correctional centre.

Legal Visits

Legal practitioners may visit seven days between 9am-3pm. Notification of intention to visit should be made at least 24 hours in advance by sending fax to Manager of Security -6948 5291 with details of the inmates, date and time.


Inmates are employed in afforestation work, livestock and agricultural activities, timber docking, kitchen, horticulture, horticulture, apple orchard, building maintenance, and forklift/tractor operations.

Inmates also work in service areas such as general maintenance, cleaning, gardening, and the laundry.

Education and training