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Custodial Operations Policy and Procedures (COPP)

COPP Sections:

    1. Reception

    2. OIMS, alerts, and non-associations

    3. Management of specific inmates

    4. Inmate property

    5. Inmate accommodation

    6. Inmate health and wellbeing

    7. Managing female inmates

    8. Inmate communications and activities

    9. Processing inmate requests, applications and complaints

    10. Visits to correctional centres

    11. Cultural and linguistic diversity

    12. Inmate programs and services or case management

    13. Serious incidents

    14. Inmate misconduct and discipline

    15. Safety in correctional centres

    16. Security

    17. Searching 

    18. Inmate drug and alcohol testing

    19. Escorts

    20. Legal and court matters

    21. Governance and staff administration

    22. Release of information

    23. Release of inmates