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Frequently-asked questions

What is a remand and reception centre?

A remand and reception centre is a purpose-built prison designed to house inmates:

  • who are refused bail while they await trial or sentencing
  • from regional correctional centres when they need to attend court in Sydney
  • who have been sentenced and are awaiting a vacancy at an appropriate correctional centre elsewhere in the network.
Why do we need to expand the Metropolitan Remand and Reception Centre (MRRC)?

MRRC is close to the major court complexes in the Sydney and Parramatta CBDs. Increasing capacity here helps to reduce the time, cost and risk involved in moving inmates between courts and correctional centres. 

Will this project affect visitors to Blaxland Riverside Park?

The new capacity will be built within the existing footprint of the MRRC. However, there may be additional traffic on nearby streets during construction.