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​Planning for new prisons

Picture of a correctional centre site plan

For prison upgrade projects that began prior to 2019, the then Department of Justice was permitted to approve its own proposals, subject to an environmental assessment. This normally took the form of a review of environmental factors, or REF.

Reviews of environmental factors

REFs consider the potential impact of a project on the surrounding environment and community – and how these impacts can be mitigated. Depending on the site and the project, an REF might consider elements such as visual impacts, heritage, noise, endangered species, traffic flows, and social impacts.

We have engaged specialist planning and environment experts to prepare REFs on our behalf. In preparing REFs, we also consulted with a range of stakeholders including local councils, environmental regulators and emergency services.

The REF for each project is published on this website. Click a project in the menu at left and choose the “Environment” link below it. Please note that for security reasons some material may be omitted from the publicly-available REF files.

Community consultation

We consult with the community throughout the course of each project. This includes:

  • regular project updates via this website, newsletters and the local media
  • Community Consultative Committee meetings.

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