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​​​Parklea Correctional Centre upgrade

As part of its commitment to Better Prisons, the NSW Government has upgraded the Parklea Correctional Centre to provide extra accommodation for male inmates.

Artist’s impression of the upgraded facility

The work at Parklea Correctional Centre was divided into two components:
  • 150-bed minimum-security facility for male inmates – known as Area 4
  • 500-bed maximum-security facility for male inmates – known as Area 5 
On Monday 27 November 2017 Parklea Correctional Centre Area 4 was officially opened. The facility includes three 50-bed accommodation buildings, a visits building, support services building, shade structures, playing fields and landscaping.

On Wednesday 11 March 2020 Area 5 was officially opened by the Hon. Anthony Roberts MP, Minister for Counter Terrorism and Corrections. In addition to 500 new maximum-security beds, this project included a clinic, AVL building, programs and industries building, recreational areas, refurbishment to the gatehouse and a new visits area. 

This infrastructure adds to Corrective Services NSW’s capacity to accommodate inmates in the Sydney metropolitan area. It also supports an external leave program to re-integrate offenders in custody back into the community through work and educational opportunities.

Parklea Correctional Centre upgrade – environment

The proposal to upgrade Parklea Correctional Centre was approved in three stages. A comprehensive review of environmental factors (REF) was conducted prior to approval of each stage. Files relating to these reviews can be downloaded below. For security reasons, some material has been removed.

Stage 1 – Early works


Stage 2 – Minimum security upgrade and visitor car park


Stage 3 – Maximum security upgrade


Seen a snake?

A number of Parklea residents have reported seeing snakes in gardens backing onto the correctional centre.

Although no snakes were observed on the property during preparation of the project’s review of environmental factors in 2016, the following species are known to live in the local area:

If a snake enters your backyard:

  • Do not try to catch or kill the animal. All snakes are protected in NSW and killing one is an offence.
  • Walk away from the snake slowly, keeping an eye on it from a safe distance. Keep pets and children away.
  • The snake will generally move on of its own accord within a few hours – they don’t like being near people.
  • If the snake stays, you may wish to call a licenced reptile handler to have it removed.

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