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Frequently-asked questions

Will the work affect local traffic?

We expect that construction will have minimal impact on traffic flows along The Northern Road and the surrounding road network.

Will the work affect local bushland?

Much of the John Morony Correctional Complex site is covered in Castlereagh Scribbly Gum Woodland, a type of dry sclerophyll forest that, during bushfires, burns with high intensity.

Although the upgrade will not encroach on the woodland itself, we will thin the canopy and understorey closest to the perimeter fences to protect staff and inmates in the event of a bushfire.

Was the proposal placed on public exhibition prior to approval?

No. Early works for the project were approved by the Acting Secretary of the Department consistent with Part 5 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979. Part 5 does not require a public exhibition.

The Act requires that the Department undertake a review of environmental factors (REF) prior to approval. This document describes the proposal in detail and identifies any potential impacts on the environment and the community. The REF for these projects can be downloaded from this website. 

How can I provide feedback on the proposal?

We welcome enquiries and feedback from the community. To get in touch with the project team, please call 1800 875 345 or email newprisons@justice.nsw.gov.au.

Will this centre be owned and operated by the NSW Government?

Yes. As now, both Outer Metropolitan and Dillwynia will be operated by Corrective Services NSW.

How will the local community benefit from this project?

The expansion of Outer Metropolitan and Dillwynia will create temporary jobs during construction and around 100 new permanent jobs on completion. These new jobs will also generate flow-on benefits for the local economy. In addition, our managing contractors, John Holland and Hansen Yuncken, are committed to using local suppliers wherever possible.

The Windsor area will continue to benefit from minimum-security inmates’ participation in a range of community service initiatives.

How will the broader community benefit from this project?

Both projects have been designed to support the NSW Government’s priorities of reducing reoffending and in particular domestic violence reoffending.

Will a higher-security facility affect community safety?

Security systems on site will be upgraded to safely accommodate inmates with a higher security classification.