New northern access road

Cessnock City Council, local residents and other stakeholders have asked us to consider building a new northern access road to the complex, to relieve pressure on residential streets – such as Lindsay, Mavis and Nelson streets – to the south.

Earlier this year, we agreed with Council to conduct a detailed assessment of a route from Kerlew Street, west of Occident Street, running south-west.

While we recognise the community’s desire for certainty around any new northern access road, it’s important that we fully investigate the options prior to finalising any proposal. This work is ongoing.

Options considered

A number of potential access routes have been considered. The map and table below show the three options assessed as being most workable. These options minimise the number of existing trees and buildings that would need to be removed.

It is important to note that these routes are indicative only and would need to be confirmed as part of a detailed design process. This would include further consultation with Council, residents and other stakeholders.

Community consultation

The Department of Justice will continue to consult with Council, residents and other stakeholders throughout this process.

Should you have any questions, concerns or other feedback, you can contact the New Prisons project team on 1800 875 345 or by emailing

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