New northern access road

Cessnock City Council, local residents and other stakeholders asked Corrective Services NSW to consider a new access road for the Cessnock Correctional Complex, to reduce traffic on residential streets to the south. In early 2018, we agreed with Council to focus investigations on a route connecting to Kerlew Street, Nulkaba.
In September 2018, Council withdrew its support for a Kerlew Street route, and we will respect their decision.

What happens now?

  • We remain open to feedback on the best way to address residents’ concerns about correctional centre traffic.
  • The existing construction traffic management plan remains in force. Construction vehicles will continue to use the temporary access point in Kerlew Street until early 2020.
  • Should you have any questions, concerns or other feedback, you can contact the New Prisons project team on 1800 875 345 or by emailing