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Countering violent extremism
in our State's prisons

The NSW Government is expanding the existing High Risk Management Correctional Centre, known as “Supermax”, at Goulburn Correctional Complex.

This project forms the centrepiece of a $47 million initiative to counter violent extremism in our State’s prisons.

The new supermax capacity is designed to support vital behaviour change programs without compromising the safety of staff, other inmates or the community at large.

We are also:

  • establishing a new system-wide Terrorism High Risk Offenders team jointly with the NSW Police Force
  • improving intelligence-gathering in prisons and monitoring of offenders under supervision in the community
  • providing additional specialist training for staff.

Together, these initiatives are helping Corrective Services NSW play its part in countering violent extremism.

Environment and heritage

Prior to the start of construction work at Goulburn, a comprehensive review of environmental factors (REF) was carried out. This included an independent statement of heritage impact. The REF was approved by the Secretary of the Department of Justice on 3 December 2018.

Files relating to the review can be downloaded below. For security reasons, some material has been removed.

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An officer on duty at Goulburn Correctional Complex

An officer on duty at Goulburn Correctional Complex.