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Jason Waddups

Overseer, Outer Metropolitan Multi-Purpose Centre, Windsor
Six years with Corrective Services NSW

Jason Waddups is a print machinist by trade who decided to take his skills behind the prison walls six years ago to the Outer Metropolitan Multi-Purpose Centre near Windsor.

A typical day involves supervising inmates running machines, completing digital work, graphic art, guillotining, bookbinding, die cutting, and pack and assembly work.

Mr Waddups is among the more than 9,000 Corrective Services NSW staff being celebrated for their commitment to community safety on National Corrections Day, Friday 18 January.

CSNSW staff includes custodial officers, inmate services and programs staff, psychologists and parole officers.

Mr Waddups has been with CSNSW for six years and says he enjoys doing a job that makes a difference to the lives of others.

“Being an overseer is an important role. You work closely with inmates and teach them skills that will help them to support themselves and hopefully keep them out of trouble when they leave custody,” Mr Waddups says.

“Some of the inmates have never finished school and it’s rewarding to see how proud they are when they’re holding a certificate in their hands.

“I meet some interesting people at work and have a great rapport with the inmates. It’s nice to know that if I ran into any of them outside of work they’d likely come up and shake my hand.”

Across the state, there are about 650 Corrective Services Industries’ staff, who oversee inmates undertaking work, training and other qualifications to help reintegrate them into the community and reduce reoffending.