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​Trudy Swan

Senior Correctional Officer

Sixteen years with Corrective Services NSW

When Trudy Swan followed a family friend's suggestion and pursued a job with Corrective Services NSW, she did not realise one day it would be "keeping it in the family".

Sixteen years later the Long Bay Senior Correctional Officer is joined in the job by three of her four daughters, who have followed in her footsteps.

"I have never said anything to them about my work– they came to the decision themselves – but they've always known that I love my job," Ms Swan says.

A decade to the day after Ms Swan first pulled on her uniform, her daughter Candice Moyle started as a Correctional Officer.  It was a proud moment for the 54-year-old mother who, as a long-serving member of the Honour Guard, was given the role of Parade Commander on both daughters Kate and Georgia Moyle's graduation days this year.

Ms Swan was the first female to train with Long Bay's dedicated Immediate Action Team but decided to stay on general duties and work towards becoming a qualified negotiator with the Hostage Response Group.

She has since used her expert listening and observational skills in her everyday work - once talking an injured inmate down from a building roof.

"He had climbed over razor wire to get up there and had cut himself quite badly," she says.

"The concern was that he could slip and fall – he was quite high up – or that he could possibly harm himself. It took an hour for him to come down."

Ms Swan was a personal assistant in merchant banking before she took a 15-year break from her career to have children. Ready to return to work in 2000, she saw a career in CSNSW as a way to make a difference to inmates' lives.

"When I first thought about a job with Corrective Services I liked the idea of helping people – the welfare aspect of it," she says.

"In the past few years I have been working with inmates who are intellectually challenged, mentally ill or who have self-harmed, that definitely ties in with that."