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​Aisea Langi

Correctional Officer

Two years with Corrective Services NSW

Being nominated by his fellow officers to join the specialised Immediate Action Team at Lithgow Correctional Centre has been one of the highlights of his career with CSNSW.

The 26-year-old says being part of the team that receives advanced emergency response training, is a very important job in the maximum security correctional centre as he and his colleagues are the first to respond to major incidents, including assaults.

"We also conduct patrols around the centre to ensure the good order and security in the centre," Mr Langi says.

"It's about being proactive and showing a presence, vigilance as well.

"We are a close, supportive network as it's a high-stress environment. We don't bottle it up.

"The organisation provides us with counselling if we want to talk about incidents or other issues.

"Just recently, my colleague and I were tasked with moving a non-compliant inmate to anther cell and he attempted to assault us both.

"We followed the standard procedures to restrain the inmate."

But Mr Langi says staff do their best to build a rapport with inmates to prevent an incident before it happens.

"We are about deescalating situations by changing inmates' behaviour," he says.

"A lot of this is done through communication."

The former security guard says working at a regional centre has been a valuable learning curve.

"I'm still discovering a lot about myself and how to improve my communication with inmates," he says.

"There is valuable information you can learn from all the staff at the centre such as coping mechanisms for difficult situations.

Mr Langi says his colleagues come from a variety of different backgrounds. He has a degree in criminal justice and a graduate certificate in security studies.

"I love what I do," he says.  

Outside of work, he enjoys playing sport and hanging out with his friends who are a good support network.