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​Ziggy Abedine

Manager Parramatta Community Corrections

Nine years with Corrective Services NSW

Ziggy Abedine has had a taste of both sides of Corrective Services NSW, working as a custodial officer for two years and now as a community corrections officer for seven.

The manager of the one of the state's busiest parole offices, Parramatta, Ziggy says his ultimate career goal was to become a community corrections officer.

"Having custodial experience and working behind bars has been useful. Before that I had worked in the smash repair business. Our team comes from a variety of different backgrounds," Mr Abedine says.

The 40-year-old says the diversity of the offenders who attend the Parramatta office highlights the challenges of the job.

"Our officers can see between 10 and 15 offenders a day and depending on their needs, case manage accordingly and undertake various tasks from motivational interviewing, writing reports to all levels of Court and referring offenders to external agencies," Mr Abedine says.

"We've seen an increase in drug and alcohol related issues particularly because of the drug ice.

"Homelessness is also a problem in the area."

Mr Abedine says resilience is the key to the job, as well as being able to stay calm under pressure, particularly as it can be a stressful environment.

"While we know how to live a law-abiding life, many people find that challenging due to their circumstances and other reasons," he says.

"Seeing an offender reintegrate into the community is truly rewarding.

"Just last week, there was an offender who successfully completed his parole order after being in and out of custody for many years.

"It was the first time he was able to secure employment and get stable accommodation while also addressing his long term alcohol addiction.

"Those kinds of wins make it all worthwhile."

Mr Abedine switches off from work by taking his boat out on the water and going fishing on the weekends. 

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