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​Ben Williamson

Senior Overseer, Silverwater Correctional Complex
24 years with Corrective Services NSW

Working in the prison system has taught Ben Williamson that some people need to be given a go in life to change their ways.

The 36-year-old is a Senior Overseer at the Silverwater Correctional Complex, undertaking facilities maintenance and general plumbing at prisons, while also training inmates in basic plumbing skills.

Mr Williamson is among the more than 9,000 Corrective Services NSW staff being celebrated for their commitment to community safety on National Corrections Day, Friday 18 January.

“I’ve learnt that some of the best workers are not always the ones you expect, but with a bit of assistance and motivation you can teach them new skills for their own good,” Mr Williamson says.

“You do see change in some offenders when they participate in work - they get up on time, keep clean and are eager to give things a go.”

The former plumber, drainer and gasfitter joined Corrective Services NSW as a challenge and is currently assisting one offender complete a tertiary preparation program in plumbing.

“My aim is to give them the hands on experience with my trade so they develop skills in how to use tools properly and complete jobs to meet the required standards and guidelines,” Mr Williamson says.

The Senior Overseer, who won the CSI Excellence Award in 2018, is one of a highly-trained team of 20 across Sydney, who maintains prison facilities across the metropolitan area.

The 2019 National Corrections Day theme is Working Corrections, focussing on inmate industries and the work of Community Corrections officers, who supervise offenders on court-ordered community work.

Ben Williamson