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Court advice and pre-release reports

Judges and magistrates frequently require verified information about an offender to assist in determining an appropriate sentence. Legislation requires that sentencers consider assessments by Community Corrections Officers before they can impose certain sentences. These reports contain verified information regarding the offender's background, education and employment, an assessment of the issues contributing to the offending behaviour and pertinent information relevant to sentencing. Reports include an appraisal of the offender's suitability for a range of community-based sentencing options.

The State Parole Authority and Commonwealth Attorney-General are similarly required to consider assessments by Community Corrections Officers in consideration of an offender's release to parole. In addition to the above information, pre-release reports canvass the offender's proposed release plans, including suitability of accommodation and employment as well as availability of support services and a monitoring and intervention regime designed to facilitate reintegration into society and reduce the likelihood of further offending.