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​Service 5: Volunteer Mentoring Service

This initiative offers an external leave pathway to assist an inmate's reintegration using volunteer mentors to support the pre-release needs of an inmate.

VMS will provide:

  • Pre-release support to improve eligibility for parole by completing the pre-release external leave requirement  
  • Possible post-release support to address transitional needs and establish community support networks 
  • The service provider will work in collaboration with CSNSW to link support directly to the inmate's case plan to reduce the risk of reoffending
  • Support can be provided up to 12 months before earliest release date from custody.
LocationsDillwynia Correctional Centre; 
Outer Metropolitan Multi-Purpose Correctional Centre
Target GroupLimited/no family or community support to sponsor external leave
Has served a longer sentence (5+ years) or has cycled in and out of custody
Has classification for pre-release external leave (C3 male; Cat 1 female)
In the community on parole or an Extended Supervision Order 
Referral PointFunctional Managers
Service ProviderAustralian Red Cross