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​Service 4: Inmate Property Service

The Inmate Property Service (IPS) commenced on the 1st February 2016 under a new service model, and is run by Prisoners' Aid Association (PAA). IPS operates in the following Correctional Centres:

Compulsory Drug Treatment 

Long Bay Correctional Complex - ONLY Long Bay Hospital and Metropolitan Special Programs Centre

Dawn de Loas 

Metropolitan Remand and Reception Centre


Outer Metropolitan Multi-Purpose Centre

Emu Plains 


John Morony 

Silverwater Women's



The Inmate Property Service (IPS) is designed for inmates (at the nominated centres) who cannot resolve their property storage needs in the community. MOSPs at each of these nominated centres will be responsible for approving and managing all referrals to PAA for assistance.

 Eligible inmates can have their property items stored by PAA while they are in custody. The property must be collected within three months of release or it will be disposed of.

Fact Sheet for the Inmate Property Service [Accessible PDF]