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Managing offenders in the community

Corrective Services' effectively supervises offenders in the community while working towards successful order completion. It promotes offenders' successful re-settlement through partnerships with other agencies and community groups.

Community Corrections aims to reduce the impact of crime on the community by effectively managing offenders and by being a decisive influence on sentencing.

It provides pre and post-sentence assessments and advice to courts and releasing authorities as well as a range of community-based interventions which take account of community protection, compliance by offenders with Court Orders, restitution to the community, and the personal and developmental needs of offenders in addressing their offending behaviour.

Court advice and pre-release reports

Find out more about the advice and reports provided to court and parole authorities that determine appropriate sentences and release for offenders.

Community-based orders

In September 2018, reforms to strengthen community-based sentencing commenced. The changes aim to make the community safer by holding offenders to account and reducing reoffending.

Strengthened orders


Intensive Correction Order (ICO)

Home detention orders

Suspended sentences

Old Intensive Correction Orders 

Community Correction Order (CCO)

Community service orders

Good behaviour bonds

Conditional Release Order (CRO)Non-conviction bonds

Find out more about community-based orders.

Diversionary programs and residential facilities

Diversionary programs and residential facilities include:

Find out more about diversionary programs and residential facilities.

Transitional centres

CSNSW manages transitional centres to assist female offenders successfully return to the community. These include Bolwara Transitional​ Centre and Parramatta Transitional Centre.

Find out more about transitional centres.

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