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​Community Corrections Policy and Procedures Manual

​​​The Community Corrections Policy and Procedures Manual as at Thursday, 31 May​​ 2016.​​

​​​​​Section A: Case management in the community​​

​Part 1​Case management process​

Case management of offenders policy and procedures
Part 2Supervision of offenders​
​Part 3Special issues and special needs
​Part 4Managing risk of harm to children
​Part 5Useful agency contact details
​Part 6Guide to Service delivery standards
​Part 7Guide to case plans

Section B: Report writing​​​​

​Part 1Report writing process [PDF, 24kb]
​Part 2Pre-sentence assessments [PDF, 166kb]
​Part 3Breach reports [PDF, 39kb]
​Part 4Other reports [PDF, 39kb]

​​​Section C: Communi​ty service work ​​

​Part 1Legal and policy issues related to community service orders
Part 2​​Case management of community service orders
​Part 3Accreditation of community agencies
​Part 4Fine default orders

Section D: Juvenile offenders​​​​

​Part 1​Introduction
​Part 2​Definitions
​Part 3​Legislation
​Part 4​Community service orders
​Part 5Parole
​Part 6Good behaviour bonds
​Part 7Court report preparation
​Part 8​Interdepartmental transfer of information


​​Section E: Extended supervis​ion orders​​

​Part 1Introduction​
​Part 2Risk management reports
​Part 3Order management
​Part 4​Reports to the Attorney General
​Part 5Emergency detention orders
​Part 6Breaches

Section F: Parole  ​​​

​Part 1Order management
​Part 2Electronic monitoring
​Part 3​Breaches

​Section G: Jurisdictional transfers and travel​​​​​

Interstate transfer of community based sentences​
Interstate transfer of parole orders - outgoing
​Interstate transfer of parole orders - incoming
​Parolee interstate travel permits - outgoing
Parolee interstate travel permits - incoming

​Section H: Managing threatening or violent behaviour​​

​Managing threatening or violent behaviour​​

​​​Section I: Home d​​etention

​Part 1Introduction
​Part 2Home detention assessments
​Part 3Supervision of home detainees
​Part 4​Breaches of home detention

​​Section J: Serious incident reportin​​g​

​Serious incident reporting​​

​​​Section K: Pr​​​e-release

​Part 1​Pre-release reports
​Part 2​Court based releases
​Part 3​Pre-release home visit assessments

​​Section L: Of​fenders with a disability​

Identification and re​​ferral of offenders with a disability

​​​Section M: ​Accommodation centres

​Part 1​Referral of offenders to COSP Centres
​Part 2Supervision of offenders residing in COSP Centres

​​​​Section N: Inte​nsive correction orders​

​Part 1Introduction [PDF, 26kb]
​Part 2Assessment [PDF, 104kb]
​Part 4​Community service work [PDF, 73kb]
​Part 5Breaches [PDF, 85kb]
​Part 6​Reinstatement​ [PDF, 41kb]

Enqui​ries regarding Community Corrections policy and procedures can be sent to comcor.policy@dcs.nsw.gov.au.​​