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Welcome to the website of Corrective Services NSW, a division of the Department of Justice.

The New South Wales corrections system has two major components. On the prison side there are about 13,000 inmates in 39 facilities. On the community side there are almost 60 offices around the state, supervising offenders in the community who are serving court orders ranging from parole to a Community Service Order.

The whole system is administered by Corrective Services NSW, whose goal is to preserve community safety by keeping inmates secure, supervising offenders in the community, and reducing reoffending. Corrective Services provides inmates with education, vocational training, programs to address offending behaviour, and employment experience, all to support their successful reintegration into society. Inmate healthcare is provided by the Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network. For inmates whose sentences are longer than three years, parole decisions are made by an independent body, the State Parole Authority.

The corrections system is undergoing significant change due to major government investment in over a dozen new prisons and extra programs to reduce reoffending, while also raising standards and making prisons more efficient.

World Congress on Probation

World Congress on Probation

Corrective Services NSW invites you to the upcoming Fourth World Congress on Probation, which will be held over three days in Sydney, Australia, in September 2019. 


Correctional Centres

Photograph of two people having a discussion with correctional officers at a tableLocate, visit or find out about the management of offenders in NSW correctional centres.

Community Corrections

Photograph of five people removing graffiti from a public spaceFind out how offenders are supervised in the community.

​New Prisons​

Across the State, the NSW Government is investing in modern, secure, fit-for purpose prisons.

The NSW Government has announced the biggest ever expansion of infrastructure for the state’s prison system.

Programs and Services

Photograph of two offenders engaged in a program with two instructors, sitting at a tableFind information about treatment programs to reduce re-offending, and support services for inmates and their families. ​


Photograph of an offender speaking to a woman at a counter with a computerFind information about the process of  releasing an offender from custody to serve the balance of their sentence in the community as a parolee.


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