​​Cess​​no​​ck​​ Correctional C​entre

An additional 1,000 beds will be built at Cessnock Correctional Centre, creating some 400 new jobs.  Corrective Services NSW has been a good neighbour to the local community for many years and is determined to maintain that important relationship. Consultation has been ongoing and has been productive during the construction of the new facilities.

The new beds will be in three facilities:

  • 330 maximum security beds; 
  • 280 minimum security beds; and a  
  • 400 maximum security beds in a 'Rapid-Build Prison'.

The 'Rapid-Build Prison' is a new concept for Australia: a secure dormitory-style facility selected because it can be built quickly and efficiently. Construction of this facility is on target for completion in late-2017.

The 330 and 280 bed facilities are still being designed, and details will be released publicly when ready. 

Overview map of the expansion​ ​​​

The Review of Environmental Factors (REF) for the Correctional Centre was completed in October 2016 by JBA Urban Planning Consultants.​

Corrective Services NSW is considering alternative permanent access to the centre, and will consult with Cessnock City Council, relevant agencies and others in the coming months.

REF and associated reports:

Copies of the REF are available via phoning our Stakeholder Engagement Team on 1800 875 345 or by emailing newprisons@justice.nsw.gov.au