Video Conferencing

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Video Conferencing Scheduling System

The Video Conferencing Scheduling System (VCSS) is an online collaborative database that is designed to streamline and optimise the efficient use of the video conferencing (VC) facilities. VCSS will also standardise practices for booking VC facilities across the NSW Justice Agencies and for approved external users.

NSW Justice Agencies include the Aboriginal Legal Service NSW-ACT, Attorney General Department NSW, Community Relations Commission, Corrective Services NSW, Juvenile Justice NSW, Police NSW, Public Defenders NSW, Public Prosecution NSW and the State Parole Authority.

VCSS not only displays and schedules times for court appearances and legal visits, but also highlights periods when the system is available for internal purpose or other agencies to book. This enables Corrective Services to facilitate booked communication for court matters, offender visits with their legal representatives and family members, police interviews and corporate matters.

The system was phased into production. As at 2nd December 2009, VCSS has been implemented in all correctional centres with video conferencing facilities.

Replacement of the Duty Solicitors Book

Currently, offenders use a Duty Solicitors Book to record that they wish to see the Duty Solicitor during the next scheduled visit. Once the solicitor attends the centre, they must locate the book, determine which offender was the last seen by the previous solicitor, discuss the matter and ascertain which solicitor should best advise the offender on the matter ie: Civil, Criminal or Family Court matter.

This current system allows for gaps in the service.

It is proposed Corrective Services NSW will use the Controlled Telephone System (CTS) for offenders to request to see a Duty Solicitor. The pilot will introduce an Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) system so offenders can use the key pad to respond to questions. This system will then send the responses to a service provider so resources can be allocation to the client and centre where they are needed. It is proposed that this pilot will be introduced in mid 2011.

Scheduled telephone access to offenders

Corrective Services NSW is piloting scheduled telephone access, which will use the Video Conferencing Scheduling System (VCSS) to increase legal practitioner's access to offenders in custody via a scheduled audio link. The scheduling will allow staff to have offenders ready at the excepted scheduled time.

For this pilot, draft protocols and procedures have been developed to operate the system.

This pilot commenced in nominated correctional centres in July 2010 and will run for a minimum of six (6) months.

On completion of the pilot and evaluation, it is also proposed that this pilot will be implemented in nominated NSW Correctional Centres.

Please note that current practices apply in each centre until this pilot has been completed and the scheduled telephone access has been implemented in that centre.

Webcam facilities for legal practitioners

The Webcam Pilot has been developed between representatives from the Justice Agencies, Law Society of NSW and the New South Wales Bar Association. It allows Legal Practitioners to interview their clients housed in nominated NSW Correctional Centres without the expensive capital outlay for video conferencing equipment. Webcams are an Internet Protocols (IP) based system that will facilitate connection between the Cross Justice Video Conferencing Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) System.

If you wish to make further inquiries in regard to participating in this pilot, please email