Disclosure Log

Pursuant to Division 4 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 the disclosure log below records details about certain information released as a result of an access application that the Department considers would be of interest to other members of the public.


Reference Number​ Date of decision on application Type of release Description of information released Is the information now available to members of the Public?
​15/16​10/2/16​Partial​Video footage of a dronehttp://csnsw.janison.com/Justice/drone231215angle1.mpg

​​15/16-224​24/3/16​Partial​Contraband statistics, reports and footage​An application must be lodged under the GIPA Act
​15/16-2138/01/16​Full​Suicide and self-harm statistics​Yes, click here for:
​15/16-084​29​/10/15​Partial​Records concerning smoking ban in NSW correctional centres and placement of 3 inmates 'two-man' cells.​An application must be lodged under the GIPA Act
14/15-05118/08/14 Full 

Correspondence concerning smoking in correctional centres

An application must be lodged under the GIPA Act 

Offender Population Reports 

An application must be lodged under the GIPA Act
13/14-43815/05/14 Full 

Documents concerning second hand smoke at Lithgow Correctional Centre

An application must be lodged under the GIPA Act
12/13-51530/05/13 Full 

Job evaluations of various Community Corrections positions

An application must be lodged under the GIPA Act 

12/13-0422/11/12 Partial 

Records regarding the downsizing of Grafton Correctional Centre

An application must be lodged under the GIPA Act.

12/13-09110/10/12 Full

Written complaints  by High Risk Management Correctional Centre inmates about the HRMCC submitted  between 1 July 2009 to 30 June 2012.  Identifying information of any individual was not included in the scope of the application.

An application must be lodged under the GIPA Act.

12/13-0902/10/12 Full 

Documents produced in the last six months providing information about the extent of overcrowding in prisons including any breaches in relation to cell numbers, the trends in relation to overcrowding (if any) and its impact on prison management.

Yes, click here to acce​ss Ombudsman Report​ 


Inmates released before minimum sentences completed 

Yes, click here to access GIPAA application re: Number of prisoners released in the last 2 years (as at 13/8/12)

11/12-0522/10/12 Full 2009/10 report by the NSW Ombudsman examining use of force within the State's corrective facilities; November 2000 report by Governor Kelly which examined similar issues.

Yes, click here for Ombudsman Report and click here for Use of Force Enquiry


Total number of inmates held under home detention arrangements as at 1/6/10; total number of inmates who have served some portion of their home detention orders since 1/1/07 to 31/12/09; total number of home detention revocations in the 2007, 2008 and 2009 calendar years, including reasons for revocation.

Yes, click her to access Ombudsman Report

 10/11-01028/9/10 Full

Number of offenders starting sex offenders programs and the VOTP Program in 2009/10 and the number of offenders suspended or removed from those programs.

Yes, click here for more information

 10/11-1399/12/10 Full

Number of offenders currently in NSW work release program and the type of work they are doing as part of the program

Yes, click here for Work Release Employment Program

Yes, click here for POW Offenders on Work Release


Escape statistics from 1 April 2007 to 9 December 2010

Yes, by formal access application


Details about business units in CSI for the 2009-10 financial year

Yes, click here for Correctional Industry Philosophy 2009-2010


Total number of inmates in the High Risk Management Correctional Centre on 11 February 2011.

Yes, click here to view GIPPA application

 10/11-326 27/6/11 Full

Information about erroneous releases

 Partly, click here for more information

 10/11-331 27/7/11 Partial

CSNSW generic buy-up list, and CSNSW 2010/11 menus

Yes, click here for Generic buy-up list, and click here for CSNSW menu