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Health Information

Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) may hold health information about:

  • current and former offenders
  • some of the family members and friends of current and former offenders
  • visitors to correctional centres
  • staff members of CSNSW
  • victims of crime.

CSNSW does not hold files containing an inmate's complete medical records. The Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network (the JH&FMHN) also holds health information about inmates.

The JH&FMHN is responsible for providing medical services to inmates and maintains its own records. It is a statutory health corporation established under the Health Services Act 1997 and is funded by NSW Health. The JH&FMHN can be contacted on telephone numbers (02) 9289 5168 or 9700 3012 or through gipainfo@justicehealth.nsw.gov.au.

The JH&FMHN employs psychiatrists, whereas, CSNSW employs psychologists. CSNSW maintains psychology files. Accordingly if you require mental health information about an inmate, you may need to submit separate applications to both the JH&FMHN and CSNSW.