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Information for Visitors

Visiting Times

For visiting times, look at our list of Correctional Centres and select the centre that you would like to visit.

Information for legal practitioners

Visits by health professionals

Under certain circumstances, inmates may be visited by a medical specialist of their own choice rather than by those contracted to Justice Health (JH).

In such cases, the visiting professional should contact Justice Health in the first instance.

Services for families and children of offenders

Family Matters: A Strategy for Services and Program Provision to Children and Familes of Offenders  

Family Matters: A strategy for Service and Program Provision to Children and Families of Offenders

When someone commits a crime and is sentenced to a custodial or community-based sentence, there can be negative consequences for the family and others who have a close relationship with this person. Children of offenders in particular can be the invisible victims of crime. It is a fact that the incarceration of a parent has adverse outcomes for children. It is important that families are not penalised for the crimes of one of their members.

For many families, visiting a correctional centre is a regular weekend activity that may require long periods of travel - precious time which other children and families might spend at social or sporting events or just relaxing at home.

CSNSW provides a number of services for families of offenders in custody to facilitate contact and manage family crises as well as strengthen and maintain relationships.

Children and Families of Offenders Steering Committee (CFOSC) 

The Children and Families of Offenders Steering Committee (CFOSC) aims to achieve better outcomes for children and families of offenders by addressing in a timely manner issues and concerns that have been raised by staff, families, and friends. To do this effectively, the CFOSC draws support from all sections of Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) which are directly involved in service delivery to visitors in correctional centres.

The CFOSC meets every two months and is chaired by the Assistant Commissioner, Strategic Policy and Planning with representatives from SHINE for Kids and the Community Restorative Centre. Two Official Visitors are also included in the Committee.

Important information and resources for visitors

Family and community support

Privacy notice for visitors