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FAQs for the Visits app


    Do I need to register to access the CSNSW Visits Mobile App?

    No. Registration is not necessary. You can download the Visits App directly from the App Store (Apple) and Google Play (Androids).

    iPhone Application Android Application


    Does it cost anything to access the Visits app via my mobile device?

    This service is free.


    How do I access Visits app on my mobile devices?

    iPhone and iPad

    Select the App Store button below below and follow the instructions.

    iPhone Application 

    Android devices

    Select the Google Play button below and follow the instructions.

    Android Application  


    What happens if I buy a new phone?

    Open your phone's mobile web browser and type in www.correctiveservices.justice.nsw.gov.au, then click on CSNSW Visits icon to go to the CSNSW Mobile App page.

    CSNSW Visits with link to website  


    Who do I call if I have a problem?

    If you have a query about your handset or your mobile connection, please contact your mobile provider.

    If you discover a problem with the CSNSW Mobile Visits App, please contact the Corrective Services NSW WebManager.


    What if I lose my phone or it is stolen?

    You do not need to contact CSNSW, as no personal information is stored on your phone. Please contact your mobile provider immediately to notify them of the loss.


    How do I access addresses, phone numbers and visiting times for correctional centres in NSW?

    The Visits Mobile App provides an alphabetical list of correctional centres in NSW.

    Correctional Centers

    Scroll up and down to find a correctional centre.

    Correctional Centers

    Type in the name of a correctional centre.

    When you click on Map View, a map of New South Wales with red pins will appear which links you to information about a correctional centre.

    NSW Map map-location Location Details


    How do I find visitor information?

    The Visitor Information tab will guide you through your visit to a correctional centre.

    Visitor Info


    Visitor Basics Identification Support for Visitors
     Travel Accommodation Taking Children to a Visit Searches and Restrictions
      Legal Visits 


    Which languages is the app available in?

    The Visits app is available in English with visitors inofrmation in:

    • Arabic
    • Chinese
    • Vietnamese
    Via PDF documents in the 'Visitors Information' section of the app.