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​Corrective Services NSW

Photo of a correctional officer providing assistance at a service counter

Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) delivers professional correctional services and programs to reduce the risk of re-offending and enhance public safety.

As an important element of the criminal justice system, CSNSW manages offenders in custody and in the community. CSNSW works in partnership with other government and community agencies to ensure that inmates, offenders and their families are supported.


Correctional Centres

Photograph of two people having a discussion with correctional officers at a tableLocate, visit or find out about the management of offenders in NSW correctional centres.

Community Corrections

Photograph of five people removing graffiti from a public spaceFind out how offenders are supervised in the community.

​New Prisons​

Graphic promoting the 'Smoke Free - August 10' project​​

The NSW Government has announced the biggest ever expansion of infrastructure for the state’s prison system. See here​​ for details.​

Programs and Services

Photograph of two offenders engaged in a program with two instructors, sitting at a tableFind information about treatment programs to reduce re-offending, and support services for inmates and their families.


Photograph of an offender speaking to a woman at a counter with a computerFind information about the process of  releasing an offender from custody to serve the balance of their sentence in the community as a parolee.